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DeNiro is 70; Keaton 66. They are hardly the stuff of comedy leads in 2013. Back in 1958 they had a pushing 30 Steve McQueen playing a 17 year old high student and even then audiences found their credulity pressed a bit. What would make a director believe the same would not hold true today even if it is a bit of a reverse. Does anyone really want to see a movie that features their great grandparents having sex? Perhaps better casting might have helped this film, along with a better plot, direction, and writing. And yes this is the age of the potty comedy as The Hangover series can attest; but sometimes the age of the actor can alter crude to just gross. Really, does any 20 to 30 something, the typical moviegoer, see Keaton as a sex object? Note that Galifianakis (over 40) and Cooper (pushing 40) are also getting a bit long in the tooth to sustain credibility.